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However big your actual installation is, it goes without saying that it will evolve in the coming years. Our web interfaces open new horizons for your company.

Nowadays the Web as we know it represent a huge and crucial step towards. Thanks to specific developments we succeeded in considerably improving the average level of interactivity of our regular applications.

The web interface places very few limits on client functionality. Through ASP.net application-specific methods we managed to combine several services into a more familiar interface that adopts the appearance of a standard Web-Browser.

With our Web-modules your company is ready to face any kind of situation. In fact those last ones can easily be combined with an already existing installation and directly retrieve the required information from the relational database.

Fast and reliable, they also offer a resolutely better level of user friendliness. Therefore only basic trainings are needed to get them at your collaborators' fingertip.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Uniweb apps do not need any complex "roll out" procedure to deploy in large organizations. A web browser is all what is needed (fully compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari)
  • Resources efficient: no disk space is required for the installation. We only need an IIS which is systematically provided with all the compatible OS
  • They require no upgrade procedure since all new features are implemented on the server and automatically delivered to the users
  • IDtech web applications provide cross-platform compatibility (Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc.)